• September 6, 2019
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NHT Associates is an accounting, finance and tax services firm in Kitchener-Waterloo that provides financial advice and planning, estate planning and succession planning to individuals and businesses. Included in the company’s extensive portfolio of services are financial planning and tax and business seminars.

NHT Associates is headed by Nader Tehrani, a Certified General Accountant and Chartered Public Accountant with more than 24 years’ expertise helping a broad range of clients through the firm’s services in finance, taxation, auditing and business strategy and leadership.

The company is on the forefront of trends, policies and regulations as they apply to both personal and business financial planning. Some of what the firm can advise and assist with includes the following:

•    What the Registered Disability Savings Plan is and how it works.

•    A recent trend involves unscrupulous parties that are scamming and charging the elderly and vulnerable about $2,000 to complete RDSP processing. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Disability Tax Credit form should be completed by the client’s own physician and reviewed and approved by the CRA. However, there have been accounts of people being cheated out of their money through the charging of overstated amounts to set up an RDSP.

•    Another current hot topic involves the Ontario Registered Pension Plan. Businesses that don’t offer retirement plans to employees will be taxed at a total rate of 3.8 per cent to be paid by employers and employees. NHT Associates can help maximize this opportunity by offering group retirement solutions.

•    Tax planning and tax savings for individuals.

•    Mortgages at rates that are competitive with large banks and financial institutions, as well as mortgage insurance services.

•    Investment and retirement funds such as RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs and TFSAs.

•    Individual life insurance (including participating, term, universal life).

•    Segregated funds, annuities, and income funds.

•    Individual disability and critical illness insurances.

•    Business insurance, such as group RRSPs and group health plans.

•    Key person insurance, business continuation, estate and succession planning.

•    Individual health and dental insurance.

NHT Associates also offers the following seminars to help businesses and individuals take full advantage of the best available tax and financial opportunities:

•    Monthly seminars that are designed to help small and mid-sized businesses comply with tax regulations and save money.

•    Seminars that show businesses how to legally avoid registration for the Ontario Registered Pension Plan and offer a pension plan to employees that provides them with more control over their retirement, thus boosting employee morale.

NHT Associates offers advice and services in support of London Life, Freedom 55 Financial and Great-West Life.

Contact Nader Tehrani of NHT Associates by calling 519-742-5320, or email [email protected]. NHT Associates serves the tri-city region of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge and is located at 153 County Hill Drive, Unit 3, in Kitchener, Ontario.

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